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Photo Gallery: An ode to Detroit's Black women in church hats

Photos at Greater Missionary Baptist Church by Cyrus Tetteh/City of Detroit

When I was a little girl, Aunt Flossie’s Hats was one of my favorite books to read. The story follows two young girls, Sarah and Susan, as they visit their aunt's house on Sunday afternoons and their amazement with her many church hats and boxes. They described the extravagant details of the fur and feathers and the color.


Aretha was Detroit

For Detroiters like me, there is no beginning or introduction to Aretha Franklin. She was just always there. I was not lucky enough to have been alive when she cut her first album at a black-owned indie label on Hastings Street, not alive to witness her singing in the choir at her father’s church. I can never claim a moment to when I first heard a song like “Think” or “Do Right Woman - Do Right Man” on the radio. I can’t ever say I felt the importance of why representation matters when I saw her bouffant on Time magazine.


The unsexy story on opening a sex shop in Detroit

There’s a warehouse on a quiet side street in Detroit’s North End neighborhood. Bland on the outside, you’d miss the unassuming building if you drove by it.          

Zoe Ligon, 25, stood in the middle of the warehouse and took in her inventory: carefully crafted and curated adult toys. Cardboard boxes – some empty, and some in the stages of unpacking – are centered on the concrete floor. Products line one corner of the walls.

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