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City to Slopes hopes to get more Detroit kids in ski boots, diversify winter sports

Those of us who attended Detroit Public Schools and were student-athletes might have felt a twinge of envy sometimes when we competed in sports against our suburban peers. Sure, both sides of Eight Mile have kids playing football, basketball and baseball. But — well, let’s say track, for example. When competing in track and field, did all schools have pole vaulting on both sides of the border? Swimming and diving, too — did all schools have active pools on both sides?


Halal marshmallows will rain on the east side this weekend

The fourth annual Marshmallow Drop and Family Resource Fair goes down this weekend in District 3 and halal marshmallows will rain from the sky.

A helicopter will fly over the Heilmann Recreation Center and drop the marshmallows, in which participants can gather them (or just eat them) for a stuffed backpack filled with goodies.

Other festivities include free meals (including halal goat), live music, a DJ, horse, pony and train rides, a video game truck, bounce platforms and more.


New recovery home in 48205 looks to empower addicts through 'mind, body and spirit'

There is no other house in the 48205 ZIP code, or even the entire city, like this house on Coram Street. On the outside, it is a typical midcentury colonial, the kind you’d find all over the east side. What makes it unique is that the architect of the 1940-built home, who also had a hand in plotting other homes in this subdivision, designed the home for himself and his family, meaning there are flourishes throughout that suggest a custom-built home.


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