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Cleanup expected to begin immediately on Packard Plant bridge

The City of Detroit has dispatched emergency contractors Wednesday evening to assess damage caused to the fallen pedestrian bridge at the long-vacant Packard Plant.

The bridge fell late Wednesday afternoon and cleanup is expected to begin Thursday morning, according to City officials. There is no timeline for completion.

The roadway around East Grand Boulevard, where the bridge spanned, will be closed until the work is complete. Security will be on hand around the clock to prevent unauthorized entry to the area.


In retrospect, GM's Poletown plant was a pretty terrible idea if we're being honest

General Motors today announced it could shut down its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Plant at the end of 2019, and while the news of pending layoffs is not healthy for anyone (and here’s the disclosure from the boss: The mayor did say this morning that the City of Detroit’s workforce development team would aid in transitioning GM workers that might be affected), it is a reminder that the plant, which we know locally as the Poletown plant, needs retroactive placement as one of Detroit’s biggest blunders for everyone involved in the plant’s construction.


Don't want to clean chitlins? These Detroit stores will do it for you

In the back of Gourmet Food Center, it’s quiet. Soothingly quiet. On the outside of the store, located at the corner of Plymouth and Greenfield roads, people are in and out of the gas station on one side and an outlet of Hot Wheel City, the flashy rims store better known for its more luminous display on West Eight Mile, on the other side. If not for GPS, a first-time visitor can easily pass it before arriving. Once you’re inside, outside noise dissipates.


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