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Detroit hosting emergency preparedness fair on August 17

The City of Detroit is hosting an emergency preparedness fair to help inform residents about what to do in the event of an emergency.

The free event has demonstrations and attractions, including underwater recovery demos put on by the Detroit Police, DPD’s air support helicopter, K-9 dogs, a mobile safety house and more. Preparedness information offered includes family emergency planning, severe weather safety tips, anit-abduction tactics, stranger danger tactics and asthma education.


Detroit was once a talent pool for top gymnasts. A hometown champion wants to bring that back.

Here at Kemeny Recreation Center, two dozen or so girls ages five to seven —and one lone boy, probably about three — are spending their Saturday morning tumbling, tucking, swinging and attempting to memorize a brief but complex dance routine set to Taylor Swift.

In a bright, kid-friendly voice ready for Nick Jr., barefoot coach Wendy Hilliard somehow remains authoritative. “Touch your knees! Now your toes! Face forward!” Almost all are in unison, and even the youngest boy, barely out of diapers, keeps up. All of them, except for one.


Mary Wilson's Detroit story, unfiltered

Mary Wilson was not supposed to do a Friday morning photo shoot at the former Brewster Recreation Center, the second abandoned building she had been in those last 48 hours she was back in her hometown. In town for Detroit Homecoming, Wilson had had dinner in Michigan Central Depot, spruced up just enough for all the other fellow ex-pats invited back to the city. And then she had done a panel discussion at a still-under-renovation loft in Corktown, also abandoned not too long ago.

LA SED to host DACA legal forum this weekend [email protected] Fri, 09/08/2017 - 13:22

LA SED (Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development), the Southwest Detroit nonprofit that assists with social programs for Detroit’s Latino residents, is hosting a legal forum on Saturday, September 9, for residents with questions about President Trump’s rollback of the Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Act.


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