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Dr. Yulanda Harris

As Dr. Yulanda Harris sat with her boss at Gleaners Community Food Bank, she struggled to hide the overwhelming anxiety coming over her. After sharing her diagnosis with other employers and getting negative responses, she had no idea what kind of reaction or potential consequence would result in her reveal.

When she was finally able to muster the courage, Harris let it out: “I’ve been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.” 


One queer couple on finding a queer community in Detroit and what it means for their future children

Throughout the month of June, The Neighborhoods will be featuring stories from queer residents across the city. Today, we’re talking to Carissa and Tiffany, who live in Islandview and are considering starting a family in the city.

Carissa: “I’m a transplant from all over the place. I was born in Texas, moved to Germany for a lot of my childhood, and then lived outside of DC for most of the time before moving here about six years ago. I’m an educator about to start teaching in Detroit as well.”


Residents invited to community meeting to discuss streetscapes in Villages

A community meeting will be held Thursday night for residents in and around the Villages neighborhoods to discuss Strategic Neighborhood Fund-related improvements to the area.

The meeting is hosted by the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development department. Thursday’s meeting specifically hones in on streetscape improvement and retail attraction. Earlier this year, a new implementation plan was announced for the Islandview, West Village, East Village, Indian Village neighborhoods and nearby areas.


New plans for Villages neighborhood to be unveiled at community meeting Thursday night

A community meeting will be held in the Villages to discuss final recommendations from the City of Detroit’s Planning Department on Strategic Neighborhood Fund-related improvements to the area on Thursday night.

After a series of community meetings, the Planning Department will unveil its plans based on more than 1,500 comments and other feedback from residents.

Detroit-based Nikki’s Ginger Tea looks to grow into new cafe [email protected] Mon, 12/04/2017 - 10:32

“I always wanted to be on the front lines of making this city better.”  

Monique “Nikki” Sasser is the name behind Nikki’s Ginger Tea. I met with her on a blustery Saturday in November at her booth at Eastern Market.


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