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One year after Hurricane Maria, a Detroiter shares her story of survival clarkek@detroi… Tue, 09/18/2018 - 09:56


In Rosedale Park, Kidz Kingdom brings playtime back to Detroit kids

If you’re a ’90s baby that grew up in Metro Detroit, your playgrounds might not have been jungle gyms and slides, but rather indoor free-for-alls like Jeepers at Northland Mall, Caesarland and Major Magic. The catch was our parents having to travel a good distance to get to the fun. Danielle D. North is giving a new generation of Detroit kids the same amount of fun but a lot closer to home. 


A single Detroit girl's guide to Valentine's Day

If today, right now and for the time being you’re single, you already know Instagram is about to become annoying next Wednesday. You should put the phone down. 

Truth be told, being single is awesome in a city like Detroit, where there’s more to do than one might expect. So instead of moping around or eating a quart of ice cream by yourself, enjoy these fun things for Detroit singles this Valentine’s Day. 


Nearly 300 jobs created at Motor City Match-winning businesses so far

A new round of Motor City Match winners will be announced today, marking the tenth cycle of small businesses in Detroit awarded grants to build out their spaces, hire employees or fund other needs.

Motor City Match is a City of Detroit grantmaking program enabled by a partnership with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and local finance institutions, foundations and corporations.

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