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Residents invited to community meeting to discuss streetscapes in Villages

A community meeting will be held Thursday night for residents in and around the Villages neighborhoods to discuss Strategic Neighborhood Fund-related improvements to the area.

The meeting is hosted by the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development department. Thursday’s meeting specifically hones in on streetscape improvement and retail attraction. Earlier this year, a new implementation plan was announced for the Islandview, West Village, East Village, Indian Village neighborhoods and nearby areas.


New plans for Villages neighborhood to be unveiled at community meeting Thursday night

A community meeting will be held in the Villages to discuss final recommendations from the City of Detroit’s Planning Department on Strategic Neighborhood Fund-related improvements to the area on Thursday night.

After a series of community meetings, the Planning Department will unveil its plans based on more than 1,500 comments and other feedback from residents.


How one resident is moving past the 'Mack and Bewick' trope and embracing a neighborhood packed with history

“I guess I was destined to live in this house,” says Bob Cafagna, sitting in the living room, looking out into the backyard garden. “I feel honored. I feel really honored.”

The teal-colored home on Bewick Street in the East Village neighborhood is the first home a visitor sees when turning off Jefferson Avenue. Along Jefferson, East Village – it is directly to the east of Indian Village – is hidden by apartment buildings and commercial structures. Its northwestern border, Mack Avenue, is a mix of churches, party stores and vacant spaces.


'Beauty in the chaos': Restoring a historical home in East Village

Carla Tinsley-Smith and her husband, Richard “Todd” Smith, were walking around their East Village neighborhood when they happened to see the front door of the 1910 Tudor-style house on the 1300 block of Cadillac Boulevard open.

Or so it seemed to Tinsley-Smith, who recalls that her husband thought otherwise. Nevertheless, she was on a mission. Feeling adventurous, she decided “to make a trek up the stairs,” she says.


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