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Fitzgerald residents chip in to create new public mural

The re-christened Ella Fitzgerald Park is getting some new public art. 

Designed by famed muralist Hubert Massey, volunteers from the neighborhood are getting a chance to lend a hand to the piece’s construction. 

“It’s about bringing communities together and getting people to participate and interact across the board,” Massey tells The Neighborhoods. “Part of this is about people reinvesting in the community.”


Residents asked for feedback on proposed bike lanes on Livernois

District 2 residents are invited to discuss a pair of proposed streetscapes along the Livernois Avenue corridor during a community meeting with the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department Thursday night.

The two proposed options primarily affect the Avenue of Fashion between the University of Detroit Mercy and Eight Mile Road. Residents are asked to voice their feedback on whether to add bike lanes or an extended sidewalk on both sides of Livernois.


Meet the young developers taking on the Fitzgerald neighborhood

Consider development in Detroit. Well, let’s back up a second – consider development. When Detroiters hear the term, a few images come to mind: Towering skyscrapers, new restaurants, luxury condos. And, more often than not, someone in the 1% — or very close to it — is usually the driving force.

Development often brings negative connotation as well, often meaning that if something new is built, something old has to be moved out of its place. And again, a one-percenter might also be that driving force.


A sweet family business in Fitzgerald

As Small Business Saturday approaches, The Neighborhoods will be highlighting small businesses across Detroit this week. Our last stop is Lucki’s Cheesecakes in Fitzgerald.

“We got some newbies!” the woman behind the Plexiglass exclaimed as we perused the case at Lucki’s Cheesecake teeming with fun flavors such as Purple Rain (in honor of the late, great Prince), Superman and Cheesecake Mix-up.

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