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The Neighborhoods of Detroit

So what’s happening in the neighborhoods? The answer is here. These are the stories from the neighborhoods of Detroit.

Like Lululemon but better and Blacker

“Like Lululemon but better and Blacker.”These are the words of athleisure wear designer Crystal White. She is the owner and face of the Detroit based W by

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Need a safe place to dine outdoors?

In March, many Detroit restaurant owners made the tough call to close their doors due to the rise of the coronavirus in the United States. Under Governor

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Detroit Heroes: Shadora L. Ford

It was a late afternoon in March 2020; the beginning of the pandemic. Shadora L. Ford answered her phone, hearing a frail voice on the other end: “The meal you

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Growing the Black Dollar

On May 31, 1921 in Tulsa Oklahoma, a white mob attacked a thriving black community known as Black Wall Street.At least a hundred people were killed, businesses

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Black Mental Health Matters

Wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and wash your hands. Those precautions seem to be top of mind as we all try to stay healthy during this pandemic.

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Detroit Heroes: Louie Wingard Sr.

During these uncertain times, we can lean on hope! We are starting a new series entitled "Detroit Heroes" where we will highlight the essential workers at the

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