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What happens to Detroit's scooters when it snows?

Remember when the only time you heard the word “scooter” was when you were watching reruns of “Living Single,” and not, like, every waking hour in Detroit for the past five months? It’s time to talk about scooters some more, especially as we speed headfirst into winter much faster than ever before because climate change is going to wreak havoc on us more than those two-wheeled contraptions ever will.


For stressed-out Detroit parents, a full list of kid-friendly activities on Oct. 31

As we pointed out before here on The Neighborhoods, this year’s Halloween activities in Detroit are going back to the children. We know that kids are excited for the holiday and they’ll be so adorable and Instagram-ready in their costumes. We also know that it’ll be a high-sugar, high-energy day and those crumbsnatchers will be running all over the place.

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