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It's TCF, not Cobo: Here's a guide to all the things in Detroit that have been renamed recently

Detroit is a city where it’s hard to break old habits, particularly when it comes to changing the name of something and being asked to start calling a longtime institution something new. Here in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center where we’re headquartered, people still refer to this building as the City-County Building despite the fact that it was changed to CAYMC in 1997.


Detroit's Femology HQ partners with Saks Fifth Avenue to embrace women entrepreneurs

Femology HQ, Detroit’s first modern business lounge for women, is taking its programming from East Jefferson to Fifth Avenue.

The coworking space, co-founded by CEO (and Neighborhood Native) Meagan Ward and COO Yliana Guzman, is linking with department-store chain Saks Fifth Avenue for its 50 Female Founders campaign, which celebrates women from various walks of life and backgrounds through a hand-picked, peer-nominated process.


With stylish BravoBravo!, Michigan Opera Theatre turns its eye toward millennials

Picture an audience at the opera. Who do you see? You’re probably not thinking about anyone under the age of 60 and that’s what the team at the Michigan Opera Theatre is working to change. 

For 20 years, the MOT and the Detroit Opera House has introduced young professionals to the art and experience that is the opera. Their annual event, BravoBRAVO!, gets young people in the doors of the beautiful theater on Broadway Street in hopes of changing their perceptions of opera.  

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