A pilot shuttle designed to move shoppers up and down the Livernois corridor during road construction launches today.

Starting August 14, riders can park at 11 locations around the Avenue of Fashion and ride the shuttle for free between locations from August 14-16. Riders are encouraged to patronize the shops along the route.

The shuttles run from noon to 6 p.m. on weekdays. The pickup and drop-off locations are detailed in the map below.

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 3.33.06 PM

Here’s a list of every business on Livernois impacted by the construction. If we’re missing your business, email us at [email protected].


Magic Dollar Store Plus, 18647 Livernois

Foot Locker, 19121 Livernois

Suits for Less, 19131 Livernois

CVS, 18600 Livernois

Pet Supplies Plus, 18956 Livernois

Metro PCS, 18984 Livernois

Sharmells, 18967 Livernois

Canvas Livernois, 18985 LIvernois

Mike-Itchells on the Avenue, 19106 Livernois

Prisca Fashion for Less, 19110 Livernois

African Fabric & Fashion, 19160 Livernois

The Shoe Box, 19186 Livernois

Mike’s Market Grocery Store, 19195 Livernois

Teasers, 19355 Livernois

Detroit Fiber Works, 19359 Livernois

Jo’s Gallery Cafe, 19376 Livernois

Simply Casual, 19400 Livernois

LIvernois Pop-Up Shop, 19410 Livernois

Professional Raquet Services, 19444 Livernois

Art n Motion, 19452 Livernois

Flag Ship Boutique, 19456 Livernois

Karisma’s Kloset Detroit, 19458 Detroit

Three Thirteen, 19495 Livernois

Stitches, 18955 Livernois

D’Created Boutique, 19480 Livernois

Superior Screen Printing and Sportswear, 19174 Livernois

Framing & Custom Design, 19496 Livernois

In & Out, 19910 Livernois

Fel’le Art Gallery, 19926 Livernois

Liquor Palace, 20078 Livernois

Fred’s Unique Furniture, 20201 Livernois



Valero, 6401 W. Eight Mile Road

BP, 4125 W. Eight Mile Road

BP, 19030 Livernois

Hubert’s Towing & Auto Repair, 20049 Livernois

U-Haul, 19797 Livernois

Detroit Detail Express, 18911 Livernois



Dixon Barber Shop, 18937 Livernois

Naturally Beautiful, 18981 Livernois

Uppercuts, 18989 Livernois

Terry’s Wigs & Lashes, 19139 Livernois

Beauty Spot Supply, 19155 Livernois

21st Century Salon, 19353 Livernois

Micah’s Salon & Boutique, 19374 Livernois

Inspirations Old School, 19558 Livernois

The Buzz, 20094 LIvernois

Happy to be Nappy, 18945 Livernois

Exclusive Virgin Hair, 18975 Livernois

Ho Nail & Spa, 18984 Livernois

African Hair Braiding, 19118 Livernois

African Nubian Queens, 19301 Livernois

L. Swygert’s Salon, 19464 LIvernois

Heavenly Creations, 19480 Livernois



Biggby Coffee, 18685 Livernois

Legends Pizza on the Ave, 19163 Livernois

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, 20150 Livernois

Good Cakes and Bakes, 19363 Livernois

Durden’s Catering, 20504 Livernois

Boston Market, 18610 Livernois

China Wok, 18670 Livernois

Table No. 2, 18925 Livernois

Mr. & Mrs. Benson Bakery, 19126 Livernois

Narrow Way Cafe, 19131 LIvernois

Bucharest Grill, 19492 Livernois

Noni’s Sherwood Grille, 19700 Livernois

Hangover’s Lounge, 20143 Livernois


ASA Higher Learning Prep School, 20433 Livernois

Cribs2College, 20401 Livernois

Skill Vill, 17609 Livernois



Apple Denture Center & More, 18657 Livernois

Wayne County Dialysis Center, 20001 Livernois

Sherwood Urgent Care, 20176 Livernois

iCare Spine and Rehab Center, 18984 Livernois

Heidelberg Dermatology, 20400 Livernois



House of Morrison Shoe Repair, 18933 Livernois

Prime Financial Plus, 19966 Livernois

Capital Transfer Agency, 19983 Livernois

Team LBR, 20122 Livernois (real estate)

Pyratech Security Systems, 20154 Livernois

USPS, 20501 Livernois

Red Carpet Select Restore, 19144 Livernois

Majik Touch Dance Studio, 19200 Livernois

Summit Realty, 19218 Livernois

Professional Raquet Services, 19444 Livernois

Hill Realty, 19983 Livernois