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Native Detroit Crystal White, owner of W by Crystal White

Like Lululemon but better and Blacker

Meet the Detroiter selling out athleisure wear in minutes!

“Like Lululemon but better and Blacker.”

These are the words of athleisure wear designer Crystal White. She is the owner and face of the Detroit based W by Crystal White. The line has taken the female workout wear by storm in just a few short months.

In 2013, White began her weight loss journey. By the end of the following year, she had lost a total of 75 lbs. Her passion for health and fitness led her to begin personal training sessions in 2019. With all this exercise she was doing, she had a hard time finding clothing to work out in that fit her curves and didn’t need to be pulled up every five seconds. That’s when W by Crystal White was born.

She previously owned a cut and sew line for dresses and always wanted to get back into fashion, but have it reflect more of her lifestyle today.

“Dresses just weren't really my life anymore. I wasn't going out anymore. I was spending my time at the gym,” White said.

White’s vision for the line was simple; create something no one could find in stores that could easily transform from activewear to leisurewear. She also created the line with the curvy cuties in mind.

“I have what I call an extreme shape. My measurements are all over the place,” White said. “Knowing that I'm not the only woman who has a smaller waist and bigger hips or that's a little bustier or tall; like those little details and nuances that I was struggling to find in clothes, that's exactly what I focus on being able to service with my line.”

W by Crystal White features leggings, shorts, tops, sets and resistance bands. White made sure her clothing could stretch to fit the little ponies and the stallions. White also offers her signature WorkBelt waist trainers for all the ladies looking to be snatched because COVID is not stopping the Hot Girl Summer.

Since dropping the line only six months ago, each W by Crystal White restock with limited quantities sells out within the hour or even in minutes, according to White.

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“My customers are amazing. They hype my brand up more than I can,” she said. “I never imagined in six months stuff would be selling out. You couldn't have told me that six months ago.”

White likes to keep an air of exclusivity to the line. Each time she restocks, she does so in limited quantities.

“It's so easy to look over and somebody's got your outfit on,” she said. “I try to keep things limited enough so that some or everybody's able to get something, but just so that I keep some level of exclusivity to the releases so that you don't feel like 15 million people are walking around with your same outfit on.”

For White, being fit isn’t just about looking good; it’s about creating a healthy lifestyle. She used to struggle with asthma and arthritis but changing her eating habits and activity level has helped tremendously. She’s been a vegetarian for seven years.

“I'm the person in my group or in my circle that's always trying to push; not necessarily vegetarianism or that type of thing on people, but just to encourage people to think about what they consume and how they can make better choices to live a better feeling life overall.”

So what do the next six months have in store for White and her curve-friendly athleisure line? Come fall, fans of the line can expect men’s clothing and joggers for women that love to buy from the men’s section. No more stealing bae’s sweats, you’ll have your own. White is also looking to expand her size offerings to include plus sizes.

“I came from wearing larger sizes,” she said. “I'm very picky about how things are made. I don't want anybody to get anything that doesn't look right or give my plus-size customers the short end of the stick as far as quality goes.”

As the year progresses, customers can also be on the lookout for more workout equipment since we have no idea when the gyms will reopen. White will also be taking the line to Agenda Las Vegas, a retailer exhibition, in February 2021. So who knows, maybe we’ll be able to get our W by Crystal White in a nearby store.

To find out more about W by Crystal White, visit or follow the brand on Instagram (@wbycrystalwhite).