If one were to go through a list of the most notable of intersections in Detroit — Mack and Bewick, Dexter and Davison, Seven Mile and Gratiot among them — then 12th and Clairmount might be at the top. Detroiters know it’s the historic site where the 1967 rebellion broke out, but for those living there — especially those still living there long after the last tank left — it’s home.

12th and Clairmount, and many of the neighborhoods surrounding it, is also due for a number of improvements, ranging from new bike lanes to community-centric development. A series of community meetings were held in the area, culminating in several recommendations from residents that the City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department will begin to carry out this year.

There has been increased movement in the area over the last few months, including a new developer sought for the long-abandoned Lee Plaza on West Grand Boulevard, power restored to the Herman Kiefer complex, the boarding-up of Hutchins School and the acquisition of Philadelphia Park by the Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation.

Here are four more things expected to happen in 12th and Clairmount:

- Revitalization of the Rosa Parks Boulevard streetscape. With funding from a $3.3M road bond, work will commence on Rosa Parks to add a landscaped median, protected bike lanes, a redesigned intersection at West Grand Boulevard that will ease traffic flow and, per residents’ request, adding back street signs that read “12th” underneath the signs that read “Rosa Parks.” Rosa Parks will also become a key biking greenway, connecting residents from the area to the West Riverfront.

- Revitalization of housing in the area. The City will seek developers for the acquisition and development of high-quality, financially feasible and contextually appropriate mixed-use and/or multi-family housing projects on two publicly-owned sites: At 801 Virginia Park, the site of the former Hope Hospital, an estimated $6.2M development that could add 30 units; and at 67-91 Clairmount Street, an estimated $8M development that could bring 45 units on line. Both sites could have 20% of the units set aside for affordable housing. There are also several Detroit Land Bank Authority-owned homes that either have been sold or are awaiting new owners; nine are available, 14 have been sold so far.

- Retail attraction to Virginia Park Plaza and the Herman Kiefer complex. Per a study done by the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, the area can support primary neighborhood retail at Virginia Park Plaza and destination retail to Herman Kiefer. The corporation will work to bring small business to the two sites.

- Activating public space. Already in progress, Gordon Park, Philadelphia Park and the Martin Luther King plaza will receive a bevy of upgrades, elevating their status as community spaces for residents.

Want to learn more about what’s going on at 12th and Clairmount? See the full project description here.