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Detroit seniors offer tips to stay healthy in the summer

From rec centers to walks in the park, it's easy to stay in shape

With summer in full swing, we wanted to know how Detroit’s seniors stay active and in shape so we asked residents on Nextdoor to share their fitness tips.

Many suggested rec centers in Detroit — you can find a full list of recreational centers in the city here — while others suggested taking classes at the Y or with trainers. Regardless, anyone of any age should consult a doctor before engaging in any strenuous activity, and from there determine the reason you want to stay in shape.

“A proper diet(eating sensibly) is the most important thing about being physically fit, regardless of your age...then just do a variety of doesn't matter what exercises you do... just use proper technique ...there are so many exercises to do... walking does wonders... just stay active, regroup (focus), eat sensibly,” Jack S., Hubbard Farms

“I’m almost 70. I've been doing yoga for almost 4 years and teaching it for more than a year. Yoga is very good for gentle muscle building, improving balance, reducing stress, feeling joyful (in spite of national racist, sexist, and homophobic politicians who are trying to destroy our democracy). I also lift weights at home regularly and do housework. These are things I can do without leaving home so I can help support my wife who has many disabilities. I went to an impeachment protest on Saturday, and we walked a mile. I'm planning on swimming regularly soon at Adams Butzel Recreation Center - I understand it's free for seniors,” William T., North Rosedale Park

“Water aerobics,” Mary M., Oak Grove

“I’m 63 and stay active by doing 20 minutes of yoga in the am.  Water aerobics at the Coleman A. Young Center once a week and walking.  Currently only walking 1x weekly but hope to increase that to at least 2x weekly.  Yard work and house work keep me moving also.  I find the more I move the better I feel,” Margo K., Morningside

“I love the senior exercise program with Val at NWA center. Detroit Cycling Studio has  senior classes 3xs a week on Livernois next door to True Value. Weight training with Leah at 351 Livernois. Walking the dog is also stimulating,” Paula D,. Bagley

“I volunteer weekly in Detroit bridge to bridge 48207 & downtown areas... With Detroit Riverfront Conservancy my HERBAL WALK&TALK starts Monday July 8th 6pm to 8pm in CULLEN PLAZA ATWATER/RIVARD...walking in the Wetlands identifying discovering edible medicinal & survival as we walk...please join us...peace,” Regina L., Rivertown

“I do knee exercises and stretches every morning and I work out for half an hour on hour on my bike in the basement,” Eric H., Corktown

“I ride my bicycle for transportation all spring, summer & fall,” Diane W., Lafayette Park

“My health insurance includes a free membership to L.A. Fitness I attend silversneakers class, Zumba and workout on eplicital and treadmill. Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of seniors that attend , which I'm happy to see. Check your health insurance might include a gym membership, also no additional costs for me at all. My insurance is Blue Care Network. Oh, I'm 70 yrs young,” Dotti S., Boynton

“I just had total knee replacement with complications i have a Silver Sneaker membership & plan to really use it once I’m healed,” Phyllis S., Foxtown

“I work out at GIVE on Iron Street with Pierre, has a very good workout program for seniors,” Victoria R., Rivertown

“Fit4Life on 6 Mi.  & Annchester has a great Seniors Chair Aerobics class. They also participate in Silver Sneakers.  Great atmosphere. Also do PT, etc,” Patricia C., Bagley

“Water aerobics.   Currently at LA Fitness but I’m going to check out The Coleman A. Young rec center,” Deborah M., Winship

“My wife and I like to go down to the riverfront near Rivard Plaza buy some benches there’s an area where we play boules which is a form of bocce. However we find that a normal court should have crushed granite instead of the softer sand. It would be great if one of those areas on the Riverwalk could be turned into a boules court,” Paul A., Lafayette Park

“Boll YMCA... my Medicare Advantage plan covers the membership and their  morning group classes are great for seniors. Silver Sneakers with Marita will work you whatever your fitness level and Zumba Gold with Vernice is just plain fun,” Maria U., Lafayette Park

“I took a crossfit training class (which was part of Wayne State University's CAPABLE study for cancer survivors) from January-April of this year, and am now using the techniques learned to continue exercising at least three times a week.The Silver Sneakers program provides me with the opportunity to train at several fitness facilities, including the YMCA, Anytime Fitness, and Fitness 19,” Leonard B., Sandhill

“I bowl twice a week, work out at Henry Ford with a personnel trainer, (1-2 x per week) and walk.  I also have time for church and community groups,.. I also volunteer with my sorority,” Regina M., Midtown

“I love hustle dancing and teach it to children and adults.  I also walk 3-4 times a week.  My husband does water aerobics 4 days per week.  My motto is "If you want to keep moving, keep moving."  "Commercial"exercise is also very good.  We all watch TV so try getting up and walking around on every commercial!  There are 20 minutes of commercials in every hour of TV!  Adult crawling, with knee pads, around your house is also fun,” Cynthia B., Virginia Park

“I exercise 2 to 3 times a week at the Boll YMCA on Broadway. If you are a retiree with Blue Cross & Blue Shield insurance you may be eligible for free membership at the Y and the Silver Sneakers senior exercise program. If you have HAP senior advantage insurance you are probably eligible for free membership at the Boll YMCA and the Silver & Fit program that is held in conjunction with Silver & Fit. I have HAP and I had to sign-up on the Silver & Fit website but I can use all of the facilities. This info is the senior retirees.  You will need to check with customer service for your insurance provider for verification of eligibility for these programs,” Gloria M., Lafayette Park

“Do not be a t.v. vegetable... do not be lazy... thank "GOD" that you can walk upstairs to use the bathroom, ect... be thankful that you are not blind, or in a wheelchair... do not take anything for granted... be thankful that you can still take care of yourself, and duties... look forward to doing positive things..."JUST STAY ACTIVE, And LIVE THE WAY GOD WANTS YOU TO LIVE,” Jack S., Hubbard Farms