The Riverdale neighborhood is situated between McNichols and Puritan and Telegraph to Lahser.  It is positioned as an entry way off Telegraph into the City of Detroit. The western end has a rural feeling with the Rouge River as a focal point. There is a mixture of homes built in different eras, and most blocks host a variety of styles. There is one church, Hope Church at Ulster and Lahser with Restoration Towers, a senior complex, right behind it. It's also home to Wellspring, a tutoring and mentoring center for children. The area is home to a diverse population, from attorneys to single parents to teachers, but the neighborhood does have issues with unemployment. Many of the more stable residences are occupied by retired individuals who love their homes and want to stay in them hoping that things will improve. In our opinion, the Rouge River is the best feature in our area.  It is a hidden jewel waiting to be discovered.  When we moved here in 1980, it had been a dump site. Since 2014, residents have worked to curtail the dumping. The City of Detroit’s General Services Department has joined in the efforts and residents are discovering a beautiful, natural area that is waiting to be enjoyed. The only school, Houghton Elementary, was torn down last year. Currently, Michigan State University is trying to get a lease for the property to put in an urban agricultural teaching center as well as to provide Detroit with services as they decide are needed. This would be a crowning achievement and hopefully a magnet for creating more community in Riverdale.




Kessler Block Club

Address: 22137 Kessler, Detroit, MI 48219

S.O.S. (South of Six) Block Club

Address: 16220 Salem, Detroit, MI 48219