The Goblin takes the top prize, per Jaacob

Best Restaurants in Hubbard Richard, chosen by local couple

New local residents offer their recommendations

My wife Jennifer Giroux and I recently moved to the Hubbard Richard neighborhood on Halloween day of 2020.

Although we are first time residents in Hubbard Richard, we are both still quite familiar with the area. I am from a small town called Barnhart, which is about 25 miles south of St. Louis, but Jen is originally from metro Detroit, having grown up in nearby Lake Orion. Jen and I have been together since I met her while she was getting her master’s degree in 2004 and we’ve made many trips into the region over the years to visit her immediate and extended family.

Prior to moving to Hubbard Richard, we had the opportunity to live together in many places from California to Switzerland, to New York City, and to Washington, DC. During that time, one thing we discovered we enjoyed doing together was going out to eat. Jen has always been a foodie for as long as I have known her. For me, my parents raised me frugally and dining out was never a priority. Thus, as an adult, eating out to me always feel like a treat and, consequently, I like to do it regularly.

Now that we are here and the restrictions are easing with the pandemic, we are finally getting the opportunity to get out and explore our local neighborhood dining options.

In the process of checking things out, we discovered that there wasn’t a “best restaurant” or “best places to eat” type of aggregated lists specifically for our neighborhood.

I figured we could change that.

Although we haven’t had the chance to get out to all the places yet, I am fan of incorporating data into deriving insights. So, in lieu of our personal experiences, I decided to simply search online to compile a list of our local restaurants and then rank them according to their internet ratings.
Here for us (and here for you!) are the results of that list of our 13 restaurants in Hubbard Richard that offer 7 types of food.

Note that in the instance of a ratings tie, I then ranked them by total quantity of ratings.

First, here are the overall restaurant rankings.

The Goblin is a sushi restaurant that only opened in May 2021 (which shares some partners with Green Dot Stables and Johnny Noodle King). However, Jen and I have already been there several times and it’s quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite as a sushi place that is walking distance within the neighborhood. Previously, many in the neighborhood would’ve had to have gone over to Whole Foods or up to Noble Fish to get their sushi fix on.

Best Restaurants in Hubbard Richard

  1. The Goblin, 4.9 stars
  2. La Gloria Bakery, 4.7 stars
  3. Green Dot Stables, 4.6 stars
  4. Tamaleria Nuevo Leon, 4.6 stars
  5. Los Galanes Mexican Restaurant, 4.5 stars (2,707 ratings)
  6. Johnny Noodle King, 4.5 stars (1,838 ratings)
  7. Evie’s Tamales, 4.5 stars (1,039 ratings)
  8. Taqueria Lupitas 4.5 stars (834 ratings)
  9. Mexican Village Restaurant, 4.4 stars (2,616 ratings)
  10. Sicily’s Pizzeria & Subs, 4.4 stars (350 ratings)
  11. Xochimilco Restaurant, 4.2 stars (4,413 ratings)
  12. Mexicantown Restaurant, 4.2 stars (1,869 ratings)
  13. El Zocalo, 4.0 stars

Second, I’ve broken our best restaurants out by category. Yes, I realize there is sometimes only one option per category!

Best Sushi

  1. The Goblin

Best Bakery

  1. La Gloria Bakery

Best New American

  1. Green Dot Stables

Best Noodle Shop

  1. Johnny Noodle King

Best Pizza

  1. Sicily’s Pizzeria & Subs

Best Mexican (Tamales Only)

  1. Tamaleria Nuevo Leon

Best Mexican Restaurants

  1. Los Galanes Restaurant, 4.5 stars (2,707 ratings)
  2. Evie’s Tamales, 4.5 stars (1,838 ratings)
  3. Taqueria Lupita, 4.5 stars (834 ratings)
  4. Mexican Village Restaurant, 4.4 stars
  5. Xochimilco Restaurant, 4.2 stars (4,413 ratings)
  6. Mexicantown Restaurant, 4.2 stars (1,869 ratings)
  7. El Zocalo, 4.0 stars