Buy and Rent Resources

Get a mortgage

Looking for a mortgage officer to help with a home purchase in the city of Detroit? Check out Zillow’s listings of licensed mortgage officers here.

Get a MSHDA loan

Do you qualify for one of Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s homebuyer programs? Click here to see available options for prospective Detroit homeowners.

Get a Detroit Home Mortgage

Detroit Home Mortgage is an innovative mortgage program designed to boost home ownership in the city of Detroit. Click here to learn more.

Find low-rent HUD rental housing

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides funding for low-rent housing options for seniors, persons with disabilities, families and low-income individual. Click here to find listings in Detroit.

Find Section 8 rental housing

If you qualify for Section 8 rental housing and are looking for a rental in the city of Detroit, uses the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s Section 8 search tool here.

Find affordable rental housing

Looking for an affordable rental in the city of Detroit? Use the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s search tool here.

Find a real estate agent

Looking for a qualified agent to steer you in the right direction? Find out more at the Detroit Association of Realtors.

Buy a home through MLS listing

Detroit has hundreds of homes for sale across all neighborhoods.

Buy a home from Detroit Land Bank Authority

The City of Detroit owns several residences available to prospective buyers. You can Buy it Now, purchase a Rehabbed and Ready home, or purchase a home through auction. Click here for more.