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The first people in line to see the Queen of Soul

LaTonya McIntyre had never seen Aretha Franklin in concert, never met her, nor had she even visited the Queen of Soul’s hometown. But on Tuesday morning, she was first in line to pay respects at the Wright Museum of during a four-day long memorial service for Franklin kicking off this morning.

Neither had Camille Howard, who flew in from Austin. Howard was the second in line; both arrived at 4 a.m. on Monday, and made fast friends over their love of the Queen.

Or wait…which day?

“Is today Monday?” McIntyre asked.


#QueerInDetroit: Snazz

“I really don’t like the term ‘coming out’, but I came out to my mother when I was 15. 

Right around the time when I first came out – this was 2005 or 2006, maybe 2004. At that time in the city, there was a lot to do. There were a lot of different bars across the actual city, not on the outskirts. There were tons of lesbian bars, clubs, everywhere. So my experience was that I got into these places pretty easily. I’m not sure why (laughs) but I would get into these places because that’s where we congregated.


Meet the woman leading the renovations of Hill Harper's Detroit mansion

According to the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, there are over 113,000 licensed architects across the country but only 433 of them are black women.  Chandra Moore is working to increase those numbers. 

“Being a black woman in architecture is painful,” the San Francisco native said.  “A lot of the men, especially onsite, treat you very differently. I’m used to being the spicy girl. But I didn’t get here by being sweet.”


How a Greektown street artist beat homelessness and raised his profile

Some Detroiters know Donald Anderson as an art teacher. Some know him as Sunn, a Greektown street artist. They’re both two sides of the same coin – a bit worn from wear, but now more valuable than ever.

“The art part has been the most consistent thing,” Donald “Sunn” Anderson says from his new home in Midtown. He’s been an artist his entire life; ever since he can remember, he says, he was always drawing for his classmates and winning art competitions in school. 


Can’t wait for Big Sean’s movie theater? You don’t have to!

By now, everyone’s heard about Big Sean teaming up with Emagine Theaters to bring movies back to Downtown Detroit – something he spoke into existence just a few months ago that we picked up on loud and clear. We haven’t had a first-run movie theater in the area since the closing of Ren Cen 4 in 2015. But if you don’t want to wait for Big Sean Theaters, here are a few places in the city where you can take in a movie for now. 

Cinema Detroit


A Detroit school's prom was scheduled during Ramadan. One Muslim student stood up to change that.

When I was younger, I remember watching lots of movies, and like most young girls, my favorite movies were and still are chick-flicks. For me, chick-flicks have always been an escape to a parallel universe where unrealistic expectations of love, happiness, and innocence exist. Most of the chick-flicks that I watched had taken place in a high school setting and would eventually lead to the most important event in the movie: The prom. 

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