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We're relaunching our events calendar for Detroiters to share all their local happenings

Here's how you can share your events with us

When The Neighborhoods first launched, we were pretty ambitious in all that we wanted to accomplish.

We wanted to give you video. We did. We wanted to give you high-quality photography. We did. We wanted to tell you stories in multiple formats, beyond the text posts we post daily. We did. But what about user submissions for things going on in your neighborhood?

Well, we had the right idea. There is an events calendar on our site, but it has been dormant. Until now.

We’re relaunching our events calendar starting this month and we need your help to populate it. Our team is working with the City of Detroit’s Department of Neighborhoods — your district managers — to collect all the goings-on in your respective necks of the woods.

Got a street festival going on? Tell us. Concert in your living room? Tell us. Back-to-school rallies, art shows, nature walks, senior fitness, goat yoga — you name it, we’ll post it. All you have to do is fill out this form and include the time, date, place and a short description — and please attach an image!

We reserve the right to not publicize some events. We are not going to publish your Ku Klux Klan rally or the orgy in your basement. But chances are, we will publish everything else.

Some of you reading this may have already been sent a form to fill out from your district manager. That’s perfectly fine; we’ll be posting events from that form as well. And if for any reason you don’t see your event posted, please contact us at

Any other questions? Drop us a line! Happy posting.