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State of the City 2019: By the numbers

All the key figures from the mayor's big speech

You could, if you haven’t done so already, listen to the mayor of Detroit talk and talk and talk for an hour and try to make Taylor Swift-style audience-reaction memes from the people in the audience. (OK, yeah, you should probably do the former. Don’t do the latter.) Or, you could take a quick look at some of the key data on where Detroit is, and where Detroit is going.

In short, as we’ve always known: This city is broken, and it has been for a long time. High unemployment rates and large amounts of blight are among the top issues that have held this city in a chokehold for decades. Oh, and yeah: Crime, too. Slowly — and let’s emphasize slowly, here — those numbers are starting to change.

Below are some key figures taken from Tuesday’s speech:

8.6 percent — the current unemployment rate in Detroit, down from 20 percent in 2014 but still the highest nationwide

35,000 — the number of people lifted out of poverty in the last five years, but the city still has the highest poverty rate nationwide

25 — the number of automotive plants built in Metro Detroit, but not Detroit proper, between 1945-1957

One — the number of automotive plants projected to be built in the coming weeks if a complex process of acquiring land is completed for Fiat Chrysler, the first new plant in Detroit in decades

7,000 — the number of residents displaced after General Motors opened the Poletown plant in 1985

Zero — the number of residents that will not be displaced if FCA successfully opens a new plant in the Mack Complex

150,000 — the number of workers Detroit lost between 2000 and 2010

2,600 — the number of Detroit residents trained last year at three Detroit at Work training centers

5,000 — the number of jobs projected to be added after the FCA deal

$4.5 million — if approved, the amount being requested from the City of Detroit’s annual budget to increase training opportunities at Detroit at Work

781 — the number of new healthcare employees that have come through Detroit at Work

317 - the number of new information technology employees that have come through Detroit at Work

652 — the number of new truck drivers and other CDL holders that have come through Detroit at Work

531 — the number of new construction workers that have come through Detroit at Work

A lot — the number of workers needed to fill skilled trade job opportunities in Detroit

Four — the number of major unions that have agreed to triple the number of Detroit residents in skilled trades opportunities

One — the number of people that have achieved the milestone of being the first black female master plumber in America that happen to be from Detroit 

53 — the number of Motor City Match winners fully operating businesses across Detroit

42 — the number of Motor City Match winners currently under construction 

46 — the number of Motor City Match winners coming soon

80 percent — the number of Motor City Match businesses owned by women or people of color

25 — the number of housing projects on line or currently in the works from minority developers

1,700 — the number of new housing units from the aforementioned 25 projects

340 — the number of affordable units in the aforementioned 1,700

500+ — the number of residents living in affordable housing last year whose rates have been preserved through at least 2031

3,000 — the number of affordable housing units preserved or added in Detroit since 2014

153 — the number of new permanent supportive housing units in the city

200 — the number of new apartments being built above a new Meijer store coming to East Jefferson

$30 million — the investment made in a new carpenters’ union facility on the west side of Detroit

500 — the number of returning citizens placed into jobs in Detroit in 2018

200 — the number of returning citizens from the above 500 working at Sakthi Automotive in Southwest Detroit

170 — the number of residents who have had criminal records expunged at City-sponsored expungement fairs 

Two — the number of new attorneys needed to work on expungements for Detroiters full time

76,000 — the number of Detroiters who had their drivers’ responsibility fees forgiven in 2018

$120 million — the amount of the aforementioned fees that were waived

A lot — how much Detroiters are paying in car insurance

A lot less — how much Detroiters could be paying in car insurance if statewide legislation to reduce rates across Michigan pushes through

8,200 — the number of Detroit youths employed through Grow Detroit Young Talent

$20 million — the amount of money raised for vo/tech classes in Detroit

$0 — the amount of tuition paid for Detroit college student who pursue higher education with Detroit Promise

1,421 — the number of Detroit students currently enrolled in Detroit Promise

A lot more — the number of Detroit students actually eligible for Detroit Promise

40,000 — the number of abandoned houses in Detroit in 2014

17,000 — the number of abandoned houses torn down so far from the 40,000 

More than 20,000 — the number of total demolitions by the end of this year

16,000 — the number of homes boarded up in the last two years

171 — the number of homes sold through the Land Bank in 2014

Nearly 5,500 — the number of homes sold through the Land Bank by the end of 2018

880 — the number of firefighters dually trained as medical first responders in recent years

32 percent — the drop-off in homicides from 2012 to 2015

40 percent — the drop-off in non-fatal shootings from 2012 to 2015

Number 3 — Detroit’s nationwide ranking in homicide rates

500 — the number of police academy graduates in 2017 and 2018

94 — the current enrollment number in the police academy

$10 million — the requested budget increase to hire and train new police officers

500 — the number of Green Light cameras in the City currently

1,000 — the number of Green Light cameras predicted to be installed by the end of 2020