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Motor City Pride

10 things to do in Detroit this weekend, June 9 - June 10

It's Motor City Pride weekend. Time to be pretty, and witty, and gay

JUNE 9  

Bring the gay, the glitter, the resistance, the rainbows, and the celebration to Motor City Pride weekend at Hart Plaza. The festival runs Saturday and Sunday, with the parade on Sunday at noon.  

Join Common Pub and Macho City for the Macho City Pride Pool Party: A Ruth Ellis Fundraiser.  

Get ready to strut your stuff at the 11th Annual Pride Ball – Magical Mischief and the MotorBall 2018.  

Spend an evening in Beacon Park at the Night Market with Sound Cream Airstream.  

Support local musical artists at the DAY E.P Release with special artist supercoolwicked.  

See Jhene Aiko live in concert at Chene Park.

Learn how to knit for free during World Wide Knit In Public Day.  

JUNE 10  

Calling all Autostraddle fans! The Southeast Michigan/Northwest Ohio branch of straddlers is having a queer girl meet-up the morning of the Motor City Pride Parade at the Bottom Line Coffee House.  

Eat some Japanese pub fare at Izakaya Night at Nancy Whiskey’s Detroit.



Image credit: Facebook/Motor City Pride