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A man stands in Wayne State's campus

#QueerInDetroit: Rayshaun

For many in the LGBT community, your chosen family is often closer than your biological family

June is LGBT Pride Month. This month, The Neighborhoods will share the everyday stories of LGBT Detroiters under the hashtag #QueerInDetroit. You can follow these stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

“Feeling alone is the worst feeling. A lot of us go through that – periods of extreme loneliness, and we have to create our chosen family to get by.

As I’ve come out, it’s been difficult navigating spaces as a fat, black queer person. I haven’t had an easy experience, but I wouldn’t change it. I’m part of Wayne State University Math Corp, and it’s a lot of kids I’ve met as a Teaching Assistant tutoring math who have similar stories. With these kids, we’ve created a little family amongst ourselves because a lot of them feel the same way: alone, unable to talk about their experiences with their parents or peers at school. I wouldn’t change my experience because I’m able to help a lot of kids now. But I wish it was different. I do wish it was different.”