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What to expect from the History Channel’s “Detroit Comeback City” [email protected] Sat, 06/30/2018 - 12:29

The Big Sean-produced, J.K. Simmons-narrated “Detroit Comeback City” doc arrives on the heels of the announcement of Ford Motor Company acquiring the long-vacant Michigan Central Station. Ford chairman Bill Ford, of course, makes a well-timed appearance in the doc, but several local residents and natives also offer their commentary on the city’s rise, fall, and rise again.

Singer Bevlove preps for her biggest stage yet: Movement [email protected] Wed, 05/23/2018 - 12:46

Local group ensures Detroit’s women of color are included in growing restaurant scene [email protected] Tue, 04/24/2018 - 10:00

Detroit has always been known as the world’s coney island capital, but in recent years the Motor City has been recognized everywhere for our booming restaurant and food industry. With new eateries popping up everywhere, a group of restaurateurs is making sure women of color are included in Detroit’s food narrative. 

Detroit-based Naturalicious goes national in Sally Beauty stores [email protected] Mon, 04/09/2018 - 10:42

Five years ago, Gwen Jimmere was staring unemployment and single motherhood in the face. She had been laid off from her corporate job and was taking steps to finalize her divorce. With a two-year-old son to care for, Jimmere took this as a sign to take her hobby of making natural hair products and turn it into a full time job. 

This isn't your grandpa's Ford Motor Company [email protected] Wed, 03/21/2018 - 16:26

I imagine everyone is excited about Ford Motor Company potentially extending its reach into a trendy urban neighborhood except the founder himself.

The second-biggest real estate news story in Detroit (only second to that interesting-looking house in Grixdale Farms) at the moment concerns a potential development at the long-vacant Michigan Central Station in Corktown. The aforementioned Dearborn automaker is said to be interested in – depending on who you read – purchasing the entire property or perhaps leasing a portion of it.

Corktown community meeting offers a taste of the neighborhood [email protected] Mon, 11/13/2017 - 15:32

Residents of Corktown are encouraged to attend the Corktown Housewarming, Taste of Corktown & Community Meeting at 5:30 p.m. today at the IBEW Local 58, 1358 Abbott St.

Corktown Neighborhood President Debra Walker says that the community meeting is a chance for residents to come and meet with police, discuss upkeep of historic homes, and try neighborhood food.

After 20 years, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation stands firm in Southwest Detroit [email protected] Thu, 09/21/2017 - 10:03

Angela Reyes was tired of burying children in Southwest Detroit. 

Twenty years ago, she was watching neighborhood teens fall victim to the gang violence in the area. So, in the living room of her home, she decided to work with the troubled youth rather than shun them.

Share Your Story Edgar Mon, 08/28/2017 - 13:41

At The Neighborhoods, we’re interested in hearing from everybody in Detroit about what matters most to you.

Do you have a story to tell about what your community group is doing in the neighborhood? Tell us.

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